Fascia and Soffit Repair and Installation

Soffit Repair

Soffit Repair Becomes Important to Prevent Excess Humidity in Your Attic.

Roofs are complicated systems that involve a great number of different elements. While everyone is familiar with roofing materials like shingles, or the importance of decking and framing, fewer appreciate the role played by a roof’s soffit and fascia. These two complementary elements protect your roof and home from both moisture and pests, and they deserve the benefit of expert repair and maintenance. If you need fascia or soffit repair, don’t delay the issue, as your roof may develop serious problems like rot.

At R & J Contractors, we can provide for any needs with your soffit and fascia, including repair and replacement. To learn more or schedule service for fascia or soffit repair in McKinney, TX, give us a call today at (214) 504-2684. As with any of our residential roofing services, you can count on quality work from expert contractors.

What Are Soffit and Fascia?

Soffit Repair

Your Fascia Provides a Point of Attachment for Your Gutters.

The fascia is the main point of attachment for your gutter system, and can be found lining the edge of your roof. From there, you can find the soffit providing a link between the roof line and siding. Soffit allows for sufficient ventilation into your attic, while fascia offers protection for the outer edge of your roof. Both of these elements affect the overall appearance of your home, especially from the street, and can contribute to a clean, well-maintained look.

How To Protect Your Soffit and Fascia

The solution to keeping your roofing system in great condition is regularly scheduled maintenance. You will be glad to hear that you can actually keep an eye on the fascia yourself. Check for spots that may be sagging, missing, or even where birds’ nests have found their way between your fascia and soffit. Be certain to clear away any type of debris, and keep your gutters cleaned to avoid any chances of rotted fascia.

When it comes to your soffit, check for indications of moisture in the attic. Since the ventilation that soffit provides helps keep your attic cool, maintenance can also contribute to lower energy costs. As your attic gets hotter or more humid, it affects the temperature of the rest of your home, and places more demands on your HVAC. If you observe any issue that indicates fascia or soffit failure, call us for an inspection and repair at (214) 504-2684.

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