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No one should ever approach the decision for a new roofing system lightly. For all the different roofing materials, each possesses its own benefits and negatives, and deserves consideration as part of a big investment. Price must additionally form a consideration, as various roofing materials cost way more than others. Of course, everything doesn’t reduce down to sticker price. You also can select a roofing material dependent on your tastes as a homeowner. For the true leader for roof installation in McKinney, TX, go with R & J Contractors. When the time comes, phone our team at (214) 504-2684 to select an updated roof for your residence.

Types of Residential Roof Materials

Roof Installation

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The possible purchaser is confronted with an excess of choices for their roof installation. Among the varieties of roofs we use, each presents its own advantages and drawbacks.

Asphalt Shingles: Resilience and economy provide the reasons that have made asphalt shingles the most common pick for roof installation. Straightforward installation, applicability for most environments, and a broad array of colors appear as extra advantages of asphalt shingles. The basic longevity for asphalt shingles comes in around 20 years. When it comes to detriments, this period of suitability is farther down the spectrum of other roofing materials. Older asphalt shingles additionally have a penchant for discoloration.

Tile: A tile roof can look beautiful on certain kinds of residences. Protection that can persist for many decades, a natural appearance, and top-tier fortitude against fire all describe tile roofing. The life expectancy for ceramic tiles can extend to more than 60 or 70 years, and the material provides an acute opposition to damage from many environmental threats. The heaviness of tile presents one drawback, as does the high amount of skill necessary for its installation. Additionally, ceramic tiles only work for particular weather zones, and may crack if made to support too much weight.

Metal Roofs: Metal roofs have unparalleled fortitude, and have pre-cut sections to make installation speedy and efficient. A metal roof is also lighter in weight and needs little upkeep. Over time, metal roofs often lose their gleam, and also need a skilled contractor for installation.

Cedar Shingles and Wood Shakes: The chief advantages here come from a captivating, rustic appearance and natural eco-friendliness. Thanks to sustainable collection and recycled composition, these roofs have no competition when one wants to support the environment. On the other hand, these roofing systems require regular maintenance and do not come cheap.

Synthetic Shingles: If you’ve ever wanted a premium roofing system, but couldn’t stomach the price, synthetic shingles are an excellent choice. We offer several varities, each of which convincingly mimics the appearance of a premium material. Synthetic shingles are also lightweight and resistant to many common hazards.

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At R & J Contractors, we provide unsurpassed knowledge and services for residential roof installation in McKinney, TX. Whatever the kind of roofing material you opt for, you can trust in the fact that our top-tier roof contractors will do an excellent job. Get in contact with the local experts anytime at (214) 504-2684 for any questions or to schedule service.