Spanish Tile Roof Service

Spanish Tile Roof

A Spanish Tile Roof Can Provide a Great Deal of Long-Term Beauty and Defense.

A couple of traits that a homeowner looks for in their roofing are an attractive appearance and durability against threats. A roofing system that always seems like a great choice is Spanish tile, which provides a stunning look and high degree of durability. Even though they are a very resilient roofing system, Spanish tile roofs will need occasional repairs in the absence of regular upkeep. Failure to maintain a Spanish tile roof can result in roof leaks and water pooling on the roof’s surface.

If problems develop with your Spanish tile roofing, you need a roofer who can provide excellent repairs for this specialized material. At R & J Contractors, we are the local experts for all varieties of tile roofing. In addition to repairs, we also perform high-quality installations that bring out the best in your roof. For service on a Spanish tile roof in McKinney, TX, dial (214) 504-2684 today to speak to one of our roofing contractors.

Problems That Are Prevalent Among Spanish Tile Roofs

Spanish Tile Roof

As Part of Regular Maintenance, You Should Have a Spanish Tile Roof Cleaned.

If your Spanish tile roof has leaks or other problems, it is because of damages that have gotten gradually worse and worse with time. This is why roofing system upkeep is crucial, so homeowners can eliminate the need for repairs. Below, you will find a list of common issues.

Broken Tile: Hail or severe weather has the ability to damage this kind of roof and break the tiles.

Fallen Tile: If Spanish tile roofing isn’t bolted down properly, it can lead to tiles that fall and go missing.

Rubble on Tiles: Tile roofing tends to not be waterproofed. This creates a problem with roof debris, which can trap moisture and create the potential for leaks.

Call Us for Spanish Tile Roof Repair

Repairing your Spanish tile roofing can only be possible if you employ a certified roofer who has the certifications and skills to get it done. Unlike asphalt shingle roofing or other popular roofing systems, Spanish tile should only be repaired and replaced by a company that specializes in this roofing.

Nobody wants a full roof replacement for their Spanish tile roofing. However, this might happen if an inexperienced roofer was hired for the initial install or major repairs. Spanish tile repair and replacement services by our team guarantee your roof will stay in the greatest shape possible. For a convenient appointment time for the repair or installation of a Spanish tile roof in McKinney, TX, call us today at (214) 504-2684.