Reliable Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles Provide the Beauty of Clay at a Lower Cost.

Do you want a top-quality tile roof, but not at the lofty price you’ve been quoted in the past? While clay and ceramic prices will not likely be dropping soon, concrete roof tiles are a lower cost tile roofing option that is just as durable. As for appearance, practically no one will tell the difference between concrete and clay tiles. The expert team at R & J Contractors provides top-notch installations that draw out the best characteristics of any concrete roofing tile.

When you partner with us for tile roof installation, you can count on quality service and attention to every detail. We build roofs that last, and can provide you with decades of security thanks to a well-installed concrete tile roof. Contact our crew at (214) 504-2684 to learn more and speak to a roofing professional. We provide speedy and affordable installation and repair of concrete roof tiles in McKinney, TX and the surrounding area.

The Benefits Of Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles

A Well-Installed Concrete Tile Roof Will Provide Many Decades of Reliable Service.

Many concrete roof tile options are designed to look and function like different tile materials such as ceramic or clay. Even though they provide the same benefits, concrete tiles are cheaper to manufacture and less expensive to install. Durability, low heat transfer, and the extended lifespan of tile are all benefits you can rely on with concrete roofing tiles. Concrete tiles can last upwards of 50 years, and can be fashioned into many different styles, including modern flat tile and classic barrel tile.

Additionally, you can still count on concrete tiles to protect your house from fire, hail, and even mildew! Concrete roof tiles are additionally low maintenance, though they do require slightly more care than a ceramic tile roof might. Overall, concrete roof tiles are the best way to experience the durability and longevity of a tile roof, but at a significantly lower cost.

How To Get Started

If you’re eager to get started with a concrete tile roof system on your home, talk to one of our professionals at (214) 504-2684 today! We have plenty of experience in residential roof services, and can help you with any and all of your roofing requirements. Speak to the roofing experts at R & J Contractors now for installation of concrete roof tiles in McKinney, TX, that you’ve been looking for.