Professional Ceramic Roof Tile Installation

Ceramic Roof Tiles

Ceramic Roof Tiles Come in a Range of Colors and Finishes.

Are you looking for a stronger, longer-lasting, and more valuable roofing material? In this situation, a ceramic tile roof might deliver the ideal solution for you and your home. Ceramic roof tile materials are recognized for providing a great selection of colors and options, along with dependable protection. At R & J Contractors, we represent the local authority for the installation of this roofing.

Call (214) 504-2684 to ask any of our roofers how your house can benefit from expert installation of ceramic roof tiles in McKinney, TX or the surrounding area. We’re high-quality roofing professionals, and we’re particularly experienced in various types of tile roof installation methods. To get the most value from a ceramic tile roof, make sure you trust an expert team with service.

Are Clay And Ceramic Roof Tiles The Same Thing?

Ceramic Roof Tiles

The Glossy Finish of Ceramic Tiles Makes for an Attractive Roof.

Regardless of the fact that several slight differences exist between clay and ceramic tiles, it’s pretty common for contractors to describe the two materials as one. Though all tile roofs provide superior fire protection, wind resistance, as well as resiliency in damaging weather conditions, ceramic tile is slightly more brittle than clay. However, due to the way ceramic roof tile is made, it is available in a much more extensive range of styles and colors.

Ceramic tile roof installations also demand a bit more maintenance throughout the years. This is particularly true if you pick one of the glossier styles, which must be cleaned annually to remain shiny and bright. Apart from these differences, the two tile materials are very similar in both protection as well as longevity. Keep in mind that any ceramic roof tile installation should be done by an experienced roof contractor, as amateur installation can quickly lead to premature roofing failure.

Ceramic Tile Roof Installation Service

Throughout the world, tile roofs have been a reliable and popular roofing option for hundreds of years. The heavy upfront price can be daunting for some customers, but in the end, the significant value they deliver eventually pays for itself. Ceramic tile roof installations can last for more than 80 years, and often come with long-lasting manufacturer warranties too.

Along with the beauty you’ll see after installing ceramic roof tile materials on your roof, you will also notice further defense against mildew growth and fire on the rooftop. If you would like to improve your house’s curb appeal with top quality installation of ceramic roof tiles in McKinney, TX, give our crew a call now at (214) 504-2684!