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Roof Tiles

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The owners of a residence should derive plenty of benefits from roof tiles. Aesthetic effect aside, tile roofs support owners with long-lasting protection and longevity. At R & J Contractors, we are the experts for tile roofs in McKinney, TX. Whether you require repairs, service, or total installation, remember our company for all your tile roofing needs.

A key component of Mediterranean-style building, clay tiles work well across a large variety of homes. Concrete or Spanish tiles present an aesthetically compelling choice with even greater durability. Anyone interested in service or installation of roof tiles for McKinney, TX should give our team a call at (214) 504-2684.

The Benefits of Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles

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The demand for tile roofing has remained high. If you are curious why, keep in mind that tile supplies both beauty and a respectable amount of longevity. An explanation of different advantages may help you decide whether to invest in a tile roof for your own home.

Long-Term Performance: Tile roofing offers a much more extended life than comparable materials like asphalt shingles. As a matter of fact, the lifespan for a tile roof can go from 60 to 100 years with regular maintenance. New tile roofs even possess manufactured water shedding and ventilation abilities, which makes them beneficial for most climates.

Variety: Concrete tiles come in a near limitless variety of designs, which supplies the homeowner plenty of freedom in design. Roofing tiles can get made to emulate other varieties of tile, or can simply become used for Spanish and Mediterranean construction.

Weather-Resistant: Tiles also benefit from a high level of durability against bad weather and extreme winds. A rightly installed tile roof will withstand wind of up to 150 mph. As the owners of the residence spend less on normal service, the long-term durability of these roofing systems can preserve money over the years.

Color Maintenance: Assorted varieties of roofs begin to fade long before their usefulness has expired. The vibrancy for tile roofs comes from natural sources like the clay mixture and iron oxides. Since the color is infused throughout the tile, roof tiles supply long-lasting color that keeps your house looking sharp.

  • Ceramic Tile There are a selection of different tiles that are utilized for roofing, and ceramic tiles are among the most attractive.
  • Clay Tile Clay tile roof systems have been in use for hundreds of years. Tile is not only natural, it is additionally a very effective roof material!
  • Concrete Roof Tile If a bit of additional weight isn’t a concern, concrete roofing tiles present a budget-friendly alternative to costly clay tiles.
  • Spanish Tile Roof Repair you desire a beautiful roof that supplies unwavering defense, you may be interested in the ever-popular Spanish tile roof style.

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For further information on tile roofing, or to schedule maintenance or installation, call us today at (214) 504-2684. Our team’s matchless service will result in roofing for the ages. For all needs with roof tiles in McKinney, TX, have faith in the experts at R & J Contractors.