Synthetic Shingles Installation

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Allow for Creative Employment and Singular Designs.

When shopping for roof materials, you may quickly feel overwhelmed from the incredible variety of choices. We hope for our customers to completely know the abilities of each and every selection they are presented with, so we strive to provide clearness in our presentation of all options. Though not commonly known, synthetic shingles represent a first-rate choice in roofing systems for just about any structure. Regardless of your residence’s style or size, trust that one of our synthetic shingle options can work well.

R & J Contractors goes above and beyond for its clientele in McKinney, TX, and represents the premier nearby provider for roofing work. We pursue thoroughness and a precise awareness to details when we install synthetic shingles on a residence. A great deal of a roof’s durability depends on the quality of its installation. There is no reason to worry yourself about the caliber of installation if you choose our expert team. If you have picked your next roofing solution and need synthetic shingles in McKinney, TX, contact us at (214) 504-2684.

The Pros of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

We Offer Synthetic Shingles That Mimic the Best in Premium Roofing.

For an economical alternative to ceramic, slate, or wood shingle roofs, you can’t go wrong with synthetic roofing. High strength and a reduced price offer two chief advantages of a synthetic shingle if contrasted to other luxury shingles. Resilience in the face of damaging weather represents an additional benefit of synthetic roofing materials. Even more advantages exist for the synthetic shingle, factors that will surely prove convincing for uncertain homeowners.

Style and Appearance: If you desire the look of an expensive shingle minus the cost, know that synthetic options appear nearly indistinguishable when observed from the ground. To further make your roof unique, you can pick from an array of styles and designs, like rounded, chiseled-tip, or standard squared-cut shingle.

Lightweight: Slate and ceramic shingles together can become difficult because of their heft. In fact, tile and slate shingles create the need for special reinforcement for some houses, while other homes just cannot use them. Synthetic shingles have a light weight that makes this a moot point. Roofers can also do a faster installation with lightweight materials.

Durability: The sturdiness of synthetic shingles is nearly unsurpassed. Manufactured to persist across the decades, these products are typically made from rubber and crushed slate, with steel added to the mix for extra strength. Decades of employment will not affect the visual appeal of synthetic shingles, and owners will avoid consistent expenditures for maintenance.

Synthetic Shingle Selections For Your Roof

R & J Contractors provides service for synthetic shingles modeled on slate, ceramic, and wood.

  • Synthetic Slate Shingles These shingles can mimic the outward appearance of stone and slate materials.
  • Synthetic Tile Shingles Any residential structure can gain some flair from our synthetic tile shingles. Also, blunt forces will not endanger these tiles with shattering.
  • Synthetic Wood Shingles With the visual effect of wood and none of the upkeep, synthetic shingles represent an appealing choice.

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