Installation of Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Are a Significant Upgrade from Standard Asphalt Shingles.

Present-day roofing took a significant step forward from the creation of architectural shingles. First-rate design potential stands as a single benefit of these materials, which stand as a unique offering totally different from basic asphalt shingles. Should you find yourself necessitating a replacement roof, we definitely urge you to consider the benefits of architectural shingles. We represent the community authorities on architectural shingles, and do superior installations of this excellent material.

Also known as composite or laminate shingles, architectural roofing is an excellent choice for general efficiency across a roof system. Added durability is just one of the benefits architectural shingles supply over the typical variety. A prospective customer can always get in contact with us at (214) 504-2684 to discuss questions or find time to install architectural shingles in McKinney, TX.

Why You Ought to Consider Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

An Architectural Shingle Roofs Offers Improved Protection and a Better Appearance.

Architectural shingle roofs provide a high number of positive attributes for houses and homeowners. At R & J Contractors, we do our best to leave our customers up-to-date of all the advantages that their choices can bring. If you choose an architectural shingle roof, you ought to count on the following points of advantage for a house.

Cost: Laminate shingles appear as a more economical pick between luxury roofing materials including cedar shake and slate shingles. The improved durability of these shingles also makes them a solid selection compared to more economical asphalt shingles. Reduced upkeep commitments can allow architectural shingles to account for the higher expense over the decades.

Durability: Durability concerns can happen with the typical shingle roofs, since they typically just have one layer of roofing installed on the decking. Architectural shingle roofing has several layers made from a better formulated, tougher asphalt. These shingles will sustain wind up to 120 miles per hour, while typical shingles may fail at about 80 miles per hour.

Appearance: In addition to an abundance of styles and colors, manufacturers will even create shingles that provide the look of other roofing materials. Other, standard roofing materials also may demand more repairs than 3D architectural shingles.

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As you select an upgraded roofing system, your material choice possesses a large impact on the cost of the application. Increased resilience and greatly-minimized service needs permit composite shingles to compensate for their higher cost. We’re prepared anytime at (214) 504-2684 to explain more about these shingles and their overall benefits. R & J Contractors establishes the standard for the application of architectural shingles in McKinney, TX.