Professional 3 Tab Shingle Installation

3 Tab Shingles

The Design of 3 Tab Shingles Allows Them to Create a Sense of Depth on Your Roof.

Three tab shingles can offer protection from the elements and affordability, which contributes to their remarkably high popularity. This roofing solution is also ideal for creating a personalized look for your home because of its wide variety of colors and tints. Call our expert roofers at (214) 504-2684 to learn more about 3 tab shingles in McKinney, TX. When you want a cost-effective roofing material that can protect against storms and lower your energy bills, look no further than these standard shingles.

What Is a 3 Tab Shingle?

3 Tab Shingles

These Shingles Come in a Wide Array of Colors.

Three tab shingles are named for their design, and have three cut tabs at the bottom to create the look of three individual shingles. This construct has a multitude of benefits, such as leak prevention, water runoff facilitation, and a look of dimension and depth for your home. Three tab shingles can be applied over your current roofing system in many instances, eliminating tear out and haul away costs. They are also one of the easiest applied roofing solutions for professionals, which can save on labor charges and shorten installation periods.

Three tab shingles are a highly cost-efficient material and can last up to 25 years with proper care. They can protect against UV rays, insect and pest problems, and harsh weather conditions, and can be coated for extra protection. These systems can be supported with extra fortifiers like algae and mildew resistance and weather resistance, and are available in many hues and textures. These shingles are also easy to maintain, as they offer clear signs of the need for repair. As a general rule, you will want to call for an inspection anytime your shingle roof endures a major storm.

Professional Service You Can Rely On

The R & J Contractors roofing contractors can talk about all of your roofing options with you, explaining product advantages, costs, and installation processes to make sure you receive the exact look you want. We work diligently to cultivate relationships with local suppliers to provide only the best materials, and employ only trained and certified roofers to deliver unbeatable service, every time.

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