Professional Single Hung Window Repair

Single Hung Window

Single Hung Windows Can Add Value and Convenience to Any Home.

There are many contractors who will perform window installation, and it might be overwhelming to determine the best choice for your needs. At R & J Contractors, we offer an extensive range of windows to pick from. Among those options are the classically-styled single hung window. There is a fairly high chance that your home already possesses at least one single hung window, simply because they are the most popular windows on the market.

Our expert team performs phenomenal work on single hung windows. Whether you have one window to service, or several, we can provide fast, thorough work. If you are searching for cost-effective installation, or professional repair of a single hung window in McKinney, TX, you can count on the team at R & J Contractors. Set up your appointment now by contacting our technicians at (214) 504-2684!

What Is A Single Hung Window?

Single Hung Window

We’re Your Source for the Fast, Affordable Repair of Single Hung Windows.

Single hung windows are very common, but most homeowners don’t know them by name. Designed with two sashes, a single hung window allows the lower sash to open and close, but keeps the top sash in an immobile position. Not only is this window simple to use, it’s also energy efficient, and extremely easy to take care of over the years. When you need a window installation that will last the next 30 – 40 years, a single hung window is perfect for that. If you expect to avoid continuous single hung window repair services, be sure that you have the first installation completed by experienced technicians.

Better Single Hung Windows

When done properly, a new window installation will improve the beauty of your house and increase the quantity of sunlight your home can enjoy. Our technicians are ready by the phone to fit your house with a new single hung window installation now! Call our professionals at (214) 504-2684 for repairs if you already have single hung windows, but they could use some repairs. For speedy repair of a single hung window in McKinney, TX at a cost-effective price, you can rely on our qualified technicians. We can also assist you with alternative window services, like double hung window installation, vinyl window additions and more.