Siding Installation and Repair

Siding Installation

Homes with Old, Damaged, or Unattractive Siding Need the Benefit of Our Siding Installation Services.

Is the siding on your dwelling cracked and creating issues for your residence? The siding on your home is intended to defend your residence, and it needs occasional maintenance to serve its function. Siding is purchasable in a range of types and materials, and each one offers unique benefits. Phone our staff at (214) 504-2684 to schedule your siding installation in McKinney, TX. Our roofing staff combines talent and skill with honesty and customer service.

Why Siding Installation Is Important

Siding Installation

Siding Installation Can Completely Transform the Appearance of a Home.

In regards to siding, there are several general options to select from, including vinyl, aluminum, cedar, and more. All siding is designed to shield your house from the weather, and most siding materials reflect the UV rays from the sun to increase the energy efficiency of your house. You can purchase siding in a variety of unique colors, but when you want energy efficiency, the pale hues work better in warmer climates. Are you wanting to schedule your siding installation in McKinney, TX? Then connect with our roofing contractors today!

Symptoms of Siding Damage

Sometimes, siding damage can be hard to find early on, but with these helpful tips, you may be able to catch siding damage before the damage worsens.

If your siding is old, it may begin to warp or fade, in which case it needs repair. When the panels bend, they are no longer completely secured to your home, which opens up your house to moisture and mold problems.

When you have water that is building up behind the siding, it will create water stains on your siding panels. Before you pressure wash the spots away, be sure to locate the source.

The caulking and nails in your siding also can be indicators of an issue. Corroded nails and cracked caulking are symptoms that your siding requires repair.

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Though we specialize in roofing, we have a great deal of skill and experience with home exteriors. In its own way, your siding is just as important as your roofing, as it protects your home from the effects of bad weather. If you are in need of professional and affordable siding installation in McKinney, TX, connect with R & J Contractors now at (214) 504-2684 to begin!