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Chimney Repair

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At your home, does the chimney get used often, or do you occasionally forget you even have one? Chimney inspections should be part of your yearly roofing inspection, regardless of how frequently you turn it on. Having a dilapidated chimney on your roof can put both your loved ones as well as your house at risk. If your home needs chimney repair in McKinney, TX or the surrounding area, R & J Contractors is here to help. To ask for an estimate, or to schedule an assessment time, call us today at (214) 504-2684.

Affordable Chimney Inspection And Cleaning

Chimney Repair

Regardless of Whether You Use Your Chimneys, They Still Need Regular Maintenance and Repair

Typically speaking, climbing on the rooftop and inspecting the chimney is dangerous and ineffective when performed by amateurs. In order to protect yourself, hire a professional to perform this service. Thankfully, you can always contact our professionals to swiftly provide chimney inspection or cleaning services at cost-effective prices. While inspecting the chimney, we keep a sharp eye out for all of the typical indications of damage around the chimney. Common chimney problems are damaged mortar, shedding flue tiles, damaged wallpaper, as well as cracks on the crown.

If your chimney is at risk of collapsing, damaged mortar is likely the reason, and should be fixed immediately. Flue tiles, which coat the chimney, are there to supply protection against home fires, so if flue tiles are dropping out of the fireplace, contact us for repairs ASAP. The crown is an essential installation that is designed to keep rain from falling down your chimney. If you notice damaged wallpaper around your fireplace, it may indicate a damaged crown.

Professional Chimney Repair

As soon as you begin to notice indications of damage on your chimney, it’s essential that you call for repairs immediately to avoid roof collapse or fire. For fast and cost-effective chimney repair in McKinney, TX, contact us at (214) 504-2684 and schedule your appointment. Our team has been in the business for years, so we are happy to assist you with any of your roofing needs, even beyond chimney inspection or cleaning services. All you need to do is contact our team, and we’ll take all of the stress out of enjoying your fireplace peacefully once again!