Home Repair Services

Home Repair Services

For Comprehensive Services for Your Home’s Exterior, Trust in Our Experienced Team.

While you might recognize R & J Contractors as your reliable roof company, have you heard that we additionally provide top quality home repair services in McKinney, TX too? For many years, our crews have repaired and replaced damaged gutters, siding, and windows. We’re also your local source for any remodeling, painting, drywall, or insulation work you need done around the home.

If your house needs some TLC, you can contact our team to provide all of your repairs. When you consider the alternative, hiring various contractors for every job, you confront scheduling headaches and higher prices. Additionally, our team can provide installation services if you are looking to add new gutters or windows to your home! Call (214) 504-2684 now to schedule home repair services, or speak with one of our technicians to learn more.

Chimney Repair, Gutter Repair, And More!

Home Repair Services

We Also Perform a Range of General Construction and Remodeling Services

As the local roofing experts for our community, our team is proud to provide a wide range of roof services to our clientele. However, in an effort to provide our clients with even greater customer service, we’ve taken the time to have our specialists trained in a variety of other home repair services. If your gutters are starting to sag or leak, or if your house’s siding has begun to rot or crack, you can count on us for fast and cost-effective repairs.

Damaged skylights that require speedy repair are an additional issue we can check off of your list of worries. We also provide a full range of window services, including repair and replacement of vinyl, single, and double hung installations. Among our offerings, you can even get chimney repair, or some general remodeling or drywall work from our trained contractors. Lastly, our home services are ideal for replacing older components swiftly and at a budget-friendly price.

More information on several of the home repair services we offer is available in the links below. If you would like to learn more or inquire about another service, give us a call at (214) 504-2684!

  • Chimney Repair A damaged chimney is a fire hazard, so be sure you protect your family and get rapid chimney repair services.
  • Gutter Repair The gutters on your house are there to protect your home’s foundation, as well as the edge of your roofing.
  • Siding Repair Siding protects your home from the elements, and also contributes to its appearance. Make sure to keep it in good repair.
  • Skylight Repair It’s important that you repair damaged skylights swiftly, since leaving them in a damaged state can cause mold and other issues inside your home.
  • Window Repair Request the window repair services your home requires from our technicians!

Get the Home Repair Services You Need Today!

When items like your gutters and skylights start to fall apart, they harm your home in more ways than one! If your house has damages outside, the home’s property value as well as its curb appeal are both significantly lowered, and all inhabitants of the home could be in danger. When you need contractors with integrity, always count on R & J Contractors for home repair services in McKinney, TX and the surrounding area. Get in contact with one of our qualified experts now by calling (214) 504-2684.