Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Installation

Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

A Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof Works Well on Low-Slope Commercial Structures.

If you have been thinking about a mechanically seamed metal roof system for your house or company, then you’re on the right track toward a phenomenal choice. A mechanical lock metal roof is a sort of standing seam system that’s ideal for low-slope and flat roofs. To help explain the differences between standing seam varieties, this section will go over the basics of mechanical lock metal roof panels. At R & J Contractors, we provide exceptional service for any variety of metal roofing that you might need.

Mechanical lock metal roofing is known as the less costly standing seam option, and is perfect for low slope or flat roof systems. To start the journey toward a mechanically seamed metal roof in McKinney, TX, speak to the experts at R & J Contractors. We’re ready anytime at (214) 504-2684 to answer questions, discuss your options, and recommend the ideal metal for your structure, budget, and needs.

Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof Installers

Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

A Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Can Provide Decades of Reliable Service.

If you have already decided on a standing seam metal roof, the next step is to pick between snap lock or mechanical lock metal panels. Lower slope roof systems are more susceptible to leaks, and a mechanical lock roof will be the preferred option. For systems with steeper slopes, you can receive adequate protection from a snap lock roofing system. Also, while mechanical lock roofing is more time consuming to install, it is less expensive when compared against other types of standing seam metals.

Though ideally suited for different purposes, both types of standing seam metal are quite capable of delivering dependable protection for a very long time. As with all metal roofing materials, you can rely on a mechanical lock roof to endow your structure with improved energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. Standing seam metal is typically used on commercial buildings, but is becoming more popular on modern houses.

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Standing seam metal roofs are a long-enduring roof option. With an average lifespan of 40 years, this roofing can endure up to twice as long as other materials. Though these systems are slightly more costly for the initial install, you will actually spend significantly less over the life of the roof. This occurs thanks to the durability of metal, which lasts longer and requires fewer repairs than other types of roofing.

Our contractors are ready at (214) 504-2684 if you’re interested in asking more questions about the various kinds of standing seam metal roofing we offer. To request your mechanically seamed metal roof in McKinney, TX, reach out to us today for an estimate or to schedule a consultation!