How Heavy Rainstorms Can Lead to Roof and Gutter Damage

Ever been in your home and look outside during a heavy rainstorm to just see a sheet of water continuously falling off your roof? That is because your gutters are overflowing and don’t have enough time to drain the rainwater before they are refilled with more. Too much rainfall can cause gutters to become clogged as water backs up or wind or rain drags debris like leaves into the system, blocking the exit of water. If you need gutter repair due to gutter overflow in McKinney, TX, call the roofers at R & J Contractors at (214) 504-2684 today.

Are You Having Overflowing Gutters During Heavy Rainfall?

Heavy Rainfall Can Cause Gutter Overflow and Result in Your Home Flooding

Gutters are found on all roof systems, as they are vital in helping to direct direct rainfall off the roof. Sloped roofs more often seen on residential homes pour the water right into the gutters to be flushed out, but flat roofs don’t have that option. Unless water falls directly into the gutters and there is enough of it to create a moving stream, water will just sit there until it builds up. This will clog your gutters, rusting them and resulting in leaks in your gutter system and roof, requiring you to get roof or gutter repair. Eventually, this will result in overflowing gutters.

Can Clogged Gutters Cause Basement Flooding?

At the bottom of your gutter system is an exit tube called a downspout. This releases the water that travels down the gutters onto the ground. If a severe rainstorm is happening, the rain already falling on the ground, plus continuous release of water near the downspout can result in flooding in lower levels of a home like the basement. The water will seep into your home’s foundation, until enough builds and you have a layer of water on your floor.

Call Us For Gutter Repair or Cleaning Today

There are preventative gutter installation services available that can help prevent rain and gutter overflow and from your clogged gutters causing your basement to flood. Rain guards that are raised gutters prevent water from splashing over the roof. You can move your downspout or point it in a different direction. Cleaning or replacing gutters can also help. To prevent gutter overflow, get gutter repair in McKinney, TX by R & J Contractors. Call us at (214) 504-2684.