Industrial Roofing Contractor Services

Industrial Roofing Contractors

As Industrial Roofing Contractors, We Can Handle Complex Roofing Systems.

Are you searching for industrial roofing contractors to assist you with a newer construction project, or upgrades to an existing industrial roof system? While commercial roofs are known for being strong, industrial roofs need to be much stronger. The community professionals of R & J Contractors are available to help you. If you are responsible for the roofing at a healthcare facility, church, office building, or industrial complex, choose our team for quality service and peace of mind.

Industrial roofs are highly complex systems, with plenty of rooftop protrusions, HVAC appliances, and more that create additional demands on a roof. We are your local industrial roofing contractors for McKinney, TX and the nearby communities. Dial (214) 504-2684 now to speak with a specialist, and we can supply you with answers, as well as help you set up an appointment for repair or installation.

Services as Industrial Roofing Contractors

Industrial Roofing Contractors

Facilities Such as Hospitals and Office Buildings Benefit from Our Service.

Different roofing systems need different things, and industrial roofs and commercial roofing have different installation and maintenance requirements. Many varying attributes control the longevity of an industrial roof, from the fluctuating temperatures of the surrounding area, to the heavy chemicals it may be exposed to. The wear and tear effect is accelerated by additional factors like the dirt and debris that can end up on your roof system’s surface. Our experienced industrial roofing contractors are knowledgeable about the kinds of roof systems that work best for industrial roofs, so make sure to speak with our team to learn more.

Typically, exhaust vents or HVAC units are found on industrial roofs. Due to the temperature variations that are common for industrial roofs, it is important that the roof material can expand and contract with changes. Otherwise, the roofing material can quickly break down. If you want to keep problems such as this from occurring, it is critical to pick an expert and qualified industrial roofing contractor for your next project.


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There are many different industrial roofing contractors to choose from, but keep in mind that expertise plays a big role in how well your roof  will fare over the years. At R & J Contractors, we supply many different services for a variety of industrial roofing types with assorted roofing materials.

From the start to finish of every project, quality is our main goal. Before we call the job complete, we ensure that it’s exactly what you asked for. Schedule your appointment with local and cost-effective industrial roofing contractors in McKinney, TX by calling us at (214) 504-2684 now!