Commercial Steel Roofing Services

Commercial Steel Roofing Systems

Commercial Steel Roofing Systems Provide Exceptional Value for Larger Structures.

Have you been thinking about a steel roof installation for your industrial or commercial building? Like other metal roof materials, steel roofing is impressively resilient, but also has the benefit of a zinc coating. The different types of zinc coatings on steel roofs can help stop a variety of problems, including corrosion. There are many commercial steel roofing systems available to choose from, but galvanized and Galvalume steel continue to be the most preferred.

While very similar, galvanized and Galvalume steel do present a couple of key differences. To find out more about these types of steel roofing and how they can fortify your building, call (214) 504-2684 and speak to one of our experts! With our commercial steel roofing systems in McKinney, TX, you can expect a roof that will endure for decades to provide impressive protection to your structure.

Commercial Steel Roofing Systems

Commercial Steel Roofing Systems

Both Types of Steel Roofing Offer Premier Resistance to Corrosion.

When it is time to pick a new metal roof, some individuals are not sure which option to choose, simply because the metal selection is so large. Zinc-coated options are among your ideal choices for steel roof systems, as they’re extra durable and dependable. Zinc-coated materials are safe from damages from the weather, and do not display obvious signs of aging. Galvanized steel has a pure zinc coating that offers resistance to corrosion and rust, along with protection from surface damage.

Galvalume steel, while quite similar, has a zinc-aluminum alloy coating. This coating provides slightly improved resistance to corrosion, but somewhat worse defense against surface scratches. You can count on either variety of commercial steel roofing to be very light, which provides for a quick installation. One of the best characteristics for larger projects, however, is that both types of steel roofing supply a significant amount of value per square foot.

Steel Roofing Experts

When you want a commercial metal roof, but do not know where to start, contact R & J Contractors. Our team will happily help you determine which roof solution is perfect for your property and budget. Call us now at (214) 504-2684 to learn about commercial steel roofing systems in McKinney, TX! If you partner with our team, you can depend on excellent customer service, fair pricing, and unbeatable craftsmanship.