What is a roof inspection?

Home For Sale Needing a Roof Inspection

Why is a Roof Inspection Important?

If you are getting ready to purchase a new home, have you gone over every aspect of the new house? Probably not. There are a lot of things to cover like the foundation, the plumbing, and the condition of the interior. Obviously the roof is looked at, but dedicated roof inspections are not necessary for a home sale or purchase. Not knowing what you need to know about a roof can mean you might end up paying more in repairs later on. For a comprehensive roof inspection in McKinney, TX, rely on R & J Contractors. Call us at (214) 504-2684 to schedule an appointment today.

Getting a Roof Inspection Before Buying a House

Roof inspections on their own are not required when purchasing a home, but it is highly encouraged. Most realtors and banks will require a home inspection which will cover things like the foundation, smoke detectors, and a general overview of the roof. But you won’t actually know the finer details without a solely dedicated inspection. Knowing those finer details can give you more information to make a better decision about the home you are purchasing. There are in fact many advantages to scheduling a dedication roof inspection. Help yourself in making a well informed decision with a roof inspection in McKinney, TX. You can rely on R & J Contractors to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Roof After a Roof Inspection

Benefits of Roof Inspections

Choosing to schedule a separate inspection solely for the roof will produce many advantages for potential homebuyers. You will get the chance to learn more about the condition of the home that you won’t find in the general inspection. More importantly, you’ll be providing yourself more information to make a more informed decision.

  • Find Damage: Roof inspections for leaks or water damage are important during the buying process. In doing so, you can get ahead of minor issues that could potentially grow into something larger.
  • Simplified Claims: You’ll have a better idea of what you are getting into when you complete a roof inspection for homeowners insurance. And reputable companies, like R & J Contractors, keep detailed records which can make the claims process a little more easier, should you need to file.
  • Money Saving: Most homeowners rarely check their roof or attic on a regular basis. With an inspection, you can find minor problems and tackle them before they become bigger, more costly issues. Thus, in the long run, saving you money.
  • Longevity: Scheduling a regular roof inspection and repairs is a great way to extend the longevity of your roof. In doing so, you’re preventing continual damage of your roof and allowing it to do the job it is designed to do.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your roof is in good condition and won’t collapse in during the middle of the night is a great feeling. Taking the time to invest in a roof inspection is perhaps one of the best ways to have that peace of mind.

Completing a roof inspection is crucial to better understanding the home you may purchase. But why stop with a roof inspection? If the home you’re looking at is a few years older, why not also consider inspecting the plumbing and knowing the plumbing maintenance plans? Doing so can help save you money that you may not otherwise have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect from a roof inspection?
    • Expect the inspector to check inside the home for possible water damage. And just be aware that they are not looking to make you spend money, they are trying to find possible damages/problems that could put the safety of your home and health at risk.
  • How often should roofs be inspected?
    • Ideally, a roof should be inspected after every major storm. Since that doesn’t always happen, it’s best to schedule a roof inspection at least once a year.
  • How long does a roof inspection take?
    • The length of time will be dependent on the size of your roof and how many issues there may or may not be. Generally speaking, though, an inspection could last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours.
  • How often should you clean your roof?
    • Ideally, your roof should be cleaned at least once a year. This will help prevent any build up of moss, mold, or anything that could pose a threat. It will also help you find possible damages that may be missed.
  • What should I look for when inspecting a roof?
    • If you, the homeowner, are doing a cursory inspection of your roof, look for 3 main things: crack caulking, rusted flashing, and missing shingles. These will be obvious signs of damage that can indicate the need for a professional inspection.
Roofer Conducting Roof Inspection

Schedule an Appointment with R & J Contractors for Roof Inspections and More!

If you are getting ready to purchase a new home, make sure you know everything there is to know about the property. The general inspection will tell you some, but it won’t tell you enough. To get a clear picture, rely on R & J Contractors and schedule a roof inspection in McKinney, TX with our team. We’ll take a look at the roof and give you our clean and honest findings. Call (214) 504-2684 to get more information.

What Is A Rooftop Deck?

relaxing furnished area on roof top patio at warm summer day.

Enjoy Luxury In The Sky

A rooftop deck is a great place to relax, take a look over the cityscape, surrounding suburban or rural landscape while soaking in the fresh air. (Possibly polluted air with urban areas, but at least the relaxation will still be there!) With the open space that you own, you can relax from prying eyes as it’s a great place to entertain or have alone time while enjoying the privacy of your property. Yet with anything, there are many rooftop deck pros and cons to consider before you make an informed decision on undergoing construction of a rooftop deck. Ultimately, keeping in touch with a professional contractor will aid you in planning out the process from inception to completion so you won’t have to worry about repairs or improper installations later on down the line.

What does rooftop deck mean?

A rooftop deck is a deck that’s built on the roof of a building or home. You can have residential flat rooftop decks or patios or even a rooftop deck in the city! Typically a construction of a rooftop deck will require more space than a ground level deck yet it’s possible to work with smaller spaces as well. Ultimately, for a rooftop deck construction, there should be an access point like interior stairs or outside scaffolding for rooftop deck builders to reach. Some may even require that there be enough outside space for a crane to move around without trees, power lines or other buildings obstructing their path of work.

Do you need planning permission for decking on a flat roof?

It’s important to do your research before you start any home remodel or addition project. Certain tasks require the expertise of a professional and thereby require a permit before being built. What’s more, certain jurisdictions and areas have building laws or homeowner association rules that must be complied with. Your local contractor will make sure all local codes are followed and help you determine what regulations are required to be adhered to. This is something that is practiced for most home remodels and renovations as they often involve working with other systems in the residential or commercial property like with electricity, plumbing or commercial HVAC in Fort Worth, TX. It’s also important that you check how a rooftop deck installation will affect your residential warranty. Take a look into if there’s a manufacturer’s warranty that will even allow for the construction of a rooftop deck in case any issues arise afterward concerning leaks or other problems that may or may not be covered. In order to assist in the possibility of water damages, it may be best to look into how to waterproof rooftop deck. A rooftop deck coating is often used for protection so you can avoid the headache of residential or commercial roof repair.

How much does it cost to build a rooftop deck?

Rooftop deck installations can range in price depending on how elaborate of a change you’re making or the size of your space. The benefit of installing a rooftop deck is that they are popular additions amongst homebuyers. In urban markets, they can return almost 150% of the project costs at resale especially if the region is warmer in climate. For a basic rooftop deck, you should expect to budget at least $25,000. If you’re looking for options that have more luxury like with outdoor kitchens, grills or bars you are likely to spend up to $50,000. All in all, pricing will largely be determined based on the choices you go with in terms of materials such as framing, finishes, flooring etcetera.  

Family relaxing on roof top patio with evening city view.

Pros and Cons


  • Adds Value to Property
  • Can Be Connected To Existing Deck
  • Doesn’t Take Yard Space
  • Versatile in Function
  • More Privacy


  • Noise (Depending on Where You Live)
  • Damages May Not Be Covered In Roof Warranties
  • Inclement Weather

Rooftop Deck Ideas

When you’re thinking about making a rooftop deck try to narrow down what you’re intending to use the area as. Are you interested in converting it to a lounging area, a garden, dining space or a combination of the three? When you’re considering a lounging space it’s important to consider the many different seating options out there. From canopies, couches, benches, swing beds and more, the options and purposes of lounging can fit any variety.  Oftentimes an area to gather around like a table or fireplace can complete the lounging design. As far as rooftop gardens, it’s important to think of practical use in conjunction with aesthetic design. Not only will this help with wear and tear it will also reduce the chances of flooding. Try to choose options that fit with the climate of the region you live in and you can even plan it to where plants can assist in insulating your property which can cut down on energy costs. As far as dining spaces, you can really expand in options such as adding a kitchen, grill, or wet bar. You may even add stools, raised tables, booths and other dining table options to complement the area. For more ideas, be sure to collaborate with your local roofing contractor as they will have the know-how for some truly unique elements!

If you’re interested in a rooftop deck in McKinney, TX call (214) 504-2684 with R & J Contractors!

What is the Best Material for a Flat Roof?

If you have a commercial building and need a new roofing system, you have probably considered a flat roof. Flat roofing is level to the building versus a roofing system that has a slope, which is important to consider when you are thinking between a flat roof vs sloped roof. In regards to the most popular commercial roofing systems, flat roofs are typically the most sought after. This is because flat roofs come in a wide range of materials. So what’s the best flat roof system? Honestly, it’s all going to depend on the preference of the building owner. If you are interested in a flat roof, it’s important to know the different types of flat roofs so you can decide which one is the best.

  • Built Up Roofing: Built up roofing, also known as a gravel and tar roof, is one of the oldest flat roofing options. The way that these commercial roofing systems are constructed is alternative bitumen and other fabrics and then adding a membrane at the end. This type of roof is very durable, but it is going to require reinforcement if extra weight is added to the roof.
  • Modified Bitumen: This type of flat roofing system is made from asphalt and other materials that are either torched down or rolled on the roof. Because it is made of several layers, which offers it more protection, but it is known as being difficult to install if the roofer doesn’t have the correct tools or doesn’t have the experience needed.
  • Roof Coating: If you have a flat roof and you are wanting to keep it in good condition or extend it’s life, investing in a roof coating is a good idea. There are a couple of coatings to choose between, which include acrylic, elastomeric, polyurea, and silicone. These coatings are liquid that is either sprayed, rolled, or brushed on and then they dry to form a protective layer on the roof. You get great protection for your roof, but you do have to re-coat every couple of years.
  • Single Ply Roofing: Single ply roofing is really popular because there are a couple of choices to choose from–EPDM, PVC, and TPO. Single ply roofing is very strong roof membranes that are rolled on. Commercial property owners love single ply roofs because they are durable, affordable, and energy efficient. However, it’s important to note that since there are three types of single ply roofs, the will have downfalls like not being as durable as one or another not being as affordable. Depending on what you want out of a roof is going to depend on what kind of single ply roof you want.

There are a ton of flat roofs to choose from and the best way to find the best one for your roof is by contacting professional flat roof contractors. If you needed a plumbing inspection, you wouldn’t call anyone but a roofer–the same applies when you need advice about flat roofs.

Flat Roof Benefits

A Flat Roofing System with a White Fence Around it

Find Out About the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Roof.

A lot of people who are interested in a flat roof tend to ask, “What were two advantages of having a flat roof?” the cool thing about flat roofs is that they have more than two advantages. One of the things that really get commercial property owners interested in flat roofs is that they are very affordable. Another thing that is beneficial is that they are easy to maintain because they are easy to access. There is no need to use safety equipment when you get on a flat roof–all you have to do is get on the roof and you are safe. Having a flat roof also makes for great storage; you are able to store stuff on your roof and you can also have commercial HVAC systems installed on your roof. Lastly, installations are very easy, so building owners will get to enjoy their roofing system a lot sooner than other kinds of commercial roofs.

Flat Roof Issues

While there are a ton of advantages to having a flat roof, they also have their drawbacks. One of the biggest obstacles that commercial property owners have when choosing between a flat roof is that there aren’t that many choices. Something else to think about is that they have to have good drainage; because they are flat, water isn’t able to run off as freely as sloped roofs. Another thing that isn’t thought about when choosing this roof is that there isn’t a ton of room for insulation, which is needed to retain warm and cool air. Also, while these roofs are durable, when there is a lot of weight on them, they can become damaged.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Flat Roof?

Now that you know the pros and cons of flat roofing systems, you are probably curious about how long does a new flat roof last? Because flat roofs can be made from different materials, that will determine how long a flat roof is going to last. When it comes to single ply roofing, they can last upwards of 30 years, but that really depends on what kind of single ply roof you get. Built up roofing lasts 15 to 20 years, whereas modified bitumen can last 10 to 20 years. It’s also important to consider that maintenance is a big part of how long a roof lasts, so without proper maintenance, your roof isn’t going to last as long. So, how often does a flat roof need to be replaced? Whenever the roof is past its lifespan, which will depend on the material.

If you are interested in a flat roof installation for your building, call R & J Contractors at (214) 504-2684 for commercial roofing in McKinney, TX. We will be able to inspect your roof and see what type of flat roof material would be best for your budget and needs.

What Metal Roof is Best

When homeowners are deciding on metal roofing for their home, they want to know “What metal roof is best?” In all honesty, it is going to depend on what you are looking for in a roof. The best way to find out what metal roof is going to be the best for your home is knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both. This will include knowing What color metal roof reflects most heat, what is the more affordable metal roof, and how long will a metal roof last. The most common metal roofing materials that you will find are aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. Every one of them has their own set of traits and each trait is either an advantage or disadvantage. We will discuss each metal roof material, as well as the benefits and drawbacks.


One of the most affordable metal roofing systems that you can have installed on your home is aluminum. If you have been considering a metal roof, you know that the roofing system isn’t exactly cheap. However, aluminum roofing is a more cost-effective option than the other metal roofs on the market. Not only is it a more affordable choice, its very lightweight and doesn’t rust easily. Another thing you have to be careful with metal roofs is that they can be heavy on some residential structures. Since aluminum is very lightweight, it doesn’t pose a problem for the structural integrity of a home. Because metal can easily rust, it will need a coating put on it in order to prevent corrosion; aluminum doesn’t need a coating at all. The material is naturally rust-resistant, so this is something that homeowners don’t have to worry about.

A Corrugated Metal Roof Against a Cloudy Sky

The Best Metal Roofing is Going To Depend On Your Preferences.

As for the disadvantages of aluminum roofing, because the material is very lightweight, it can become damaged if something falls on it. Another thing to be aware of in regards to drawbacks of aluminum roofing is that they can become dull over time and lose some of their shine. While you don’t need a roof coating to protect it against rust, you might need it to reduce discoloration. Again, because of the material, it can expand and contract very easily, which will cause more maintenance for the roof. A lot of people ask, “Are metal roofs noisy?” and the answer is that aluminum roofs can be noisy when the material expands and contracts.


Copper is one of the most beautiful metal roofing options on the market. This is due to its unique look, a very shiny, reddish metal material that is extremely eye-catching. This is definitely a huge benefit of copper roofing, but it definitely has quite a bit of other features that homeowners will love. One of those features is definitely how energy-efficient it is. We are always looking to save money on our energy bills and an easy way to do this is by having a copper roof installed on your residential roof. Not only is this roof beautiful and energy-efficient, but it is also one of the more sturdy metal roofs. Even against inclement weather and the outside elements, this type of metal roofing system has a lifespan of 60 to 80 years, but can last up to 100 years with exceptional maintenance.

Just like any type of roof, copper roofing has its disadvantages. The number one reason that homeowners might be turned off by copper roofing is that is it very expensive. Out of all of the metal roofs, copper roofing is the most expensive one you will find on the market. The next thing, which has to do with the experience, is that after several years, copper roofing can develop a patina, which is when copper turns bluish greenish due to oxidation. Again, because of the color and material, whenever it rains, people must be aware that it can stain exterior walls and other areas of your home.


There are three types of steel roofing to choose from–galvalume, galvanized, and stainless. While they are all comprised of metal, they do have their own characteristics. For example, galvalume is very inexpensive, is versatile, can install over current roofing, and rust resistant; stainless steel can withstand severe weather, has a low thermal expansion, and comes in different types of finishes. However, all steel roofs are recyclable, have warranties, and are sturdy.

Grey Metal Roof Tiles

Each Metal Roofing System Has Their Own Advantages and Disadvantages.

Again, depending on what type of steel roof you choose, will depend on what type of drawbacks there will be. For galvalume, the colors of the metal roofing will fade over time and they shouldn’t be installed with other metal roofs because they will develop corrosion. When it comes to stainless steel, it is very expensive and there is a possibility that you can get ponding water on your roof with this metal roof material.


There are two things about zinc’s materials that make it one of the best metal roofing systems for homes. The first thing is that because of a protective layer naturally forming in zinc, it able to repair itself if it gets scratched or corrosion takes place. This is not only good because it can reduce the need for repairs, but it also means that the maintenance for the roof is going to be kept to a minimum. While the material itself should be an excellent benefit, the lifespan of zinc is also an advantage to homeowners. Because of how study zinc is and due to its protective layer, this type of metal roof can last 60 to 100 years. This is more than a lifetime, so when you install this roof on your home, you are going to have it for life.

Although the self-healing is one of the best things about this roof, it can be very expensive to purchase, as well as install. Another thing to be aware of is that although the top of zinc is resistant, underneath it has to have a coating in order for it not to corrode over time. Most people want to know how insulate metal roof, that is the least of your worries with a zinc roof. This type of roof will need to have the proper ventilation in order to move air in out of the home.

Many people want to know when to install metal roofing, but it is all going to depend on when you find the best material for your home. You need to consider your options and really make a choice based on what is best for you and for your home.

Metal Roofing Vs Shingle

An Up Close Picture of Shingle Roofing

There Pros and Cons To Shingle and Metal Roofing.

Deciding on a roof can be hard, especially when there are so many options. The most popular roofing system you can get for a residential roof is shingles. These types of shingles are made of asphalt and are generally pretty durable. However, if you are wanting to get something different and something that will last your for years, you really can’t go wrong with metal roofing. A lot of homeowners ask, “Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?” and the answer is that its way cheaper to get shingles over metal. But you need to consider a couple of things. Would you rather spend a little bit up front but have to get a new roof in 15 to 20 years, or would you rather spend more upfront and have a roofing system that has the potential to last 50 years or more depending on the metal roofing material that is chosen. Cost is definitely a factor when deciding on a roof, but you have to look at the other features, as well. Just like you need to weigh the pros and cons of the metal roof materials to choose, you should also weigh the pros and cons of both shingles and metal roofing. What type of roofing is the most energy efficient? Looking through both will give you the answer that you need.

Metal Roofing Pros

  • Energy-efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Sturdy

Metal Roofing Cons

  • Expensive
  • Expand and contract
  • Noisy
  • Heavy

Shingle Roofing Pros

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Wide variety

Shingle Roofing Cons

  • Not eco-friendly
  • Heat absorption
  • Less durable
  • UV and hail damage

Depending on what you want out of your residential roofing system is going to depend on what pros you like more out of shingle and metal roofing. Just like you need an expert for geothermal heating installation, you need an expert when you are considering getting an installation for metal roofing in McKinney, TX. If you have any further questions about metal roofing, you can call R & J Contractors at (214) 504-2684.


How To Maintain Your Shake Shingle Roof

wood shake shingle roof in ifog

For Wood Shake Shingle Roof Installation, Call Our Roofers Today

There are so many different kinds of shingle roofing systems available. From asphalt shingles which are the most affordable but have the shortest lifespan; to slate, which last upwards of 150 years but are extremely heavy and expensive. If you are looking for something in the middle, consider cedar shingles! Also known as wood shake or shake shingles, this shingle type is made out of real wood that gives off a rustic 3D appearance. Tree regulators help prevent the loss of bark when trees are growing and getting pruned. That means that you will have a healthy and strong cedar roof, limiting the need for wood shake repair in Mckinney, TX. If you are interested in getting shake shingle roof installation for your McKinney, TX home, call R & J Contractors at (214) 504-2684 today.

Pros and Cons of a Shake Shingle Roof


  • Real wood is naturally made to withstand severe storms, so wood shake shingles are stronger than some other roofing systems against storm damage.
  • Beautiful appearance that increases curb appeal.
  • Environmentally friendly, UV resistant, and biodegradable when it comes time for replacing.
  • A natural insulator and reflector, so homes will be warm in winter and cool in summer with no additional help.


  • Wood is flammable unless coated with a flame retardant sealant that is approved by your insurance.
  • Wood expands over time from rain, so proper installation from qualified contractors is a must to ensure shingles are spaced correctly.
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning for wood rot, termites, and algae is needed.

What is PVC Roofing?

PVC roofing is a great single ply roofing membrane for commercial buildings with flat roofs. This membrane forms a waterproof seamless coating that prevents leaks from happening. If a leak does occur, call us for storm damage roof repair or a McKinney, TX plumbing company if it is plumbing-related. If you are interested in getting pvc roofing installed for your flat commercial roof in McKinney, TX, call R & J Contractors at (214) 504-2684 today.

Roofers Unroll PVC Roll On Rooftop

PVC Roofs Are Rolled On And Sealed With Heat To Create a Seamless Roof

Benefits of PVC Roofing

  • Each square inch can hold up to 350 pounds! While this single ply membrane may only be a thin layer of polyvinyl chloride, it sure it durable!
  • Once it is sealed and melted, the PVC rolls become one seamless layer that is waterproof and hard to tear.
  • PVC roofing membranes are the longest lasting single ply roofing types, with lifespans up to 20 years.
  • Resistant to chemicals and fires, making it great for industrial or commercial roofs that see a lot of high heat.
  • It is a cool roof! Watch as your building feels dramatically cooler because UV rays are reflected thanks to the PVC roofing membrane’s reflective white coating. Cooler buildings means lower energy bills as less work is put on the HVAC unit.
  • PVC roofs are also able to be fully recycled, whereas other roofing materials cannot. Discarded roofing materials make up 10 percent of worldwide landfill waste as these materials are not biodegradable. PVC roofs have vinyl, which is fully biodegradable and can be reused over and over.

How Heavy Rainstorms Can Lead to Roof and Gutter Damage

Ever been in your home and look outside during a heavy rainstorm to just see a sheet of water continuously falling off your roof? That is because your gutters are overflowing and don’t have enough time to drain the rainwater before they are refilled with more. Too much rainfall can cause gutters to become clogged as water backs up or wind or rain drags debris like leaves into the system, blocking the exit of water. If you need gutter repair due to gutter overflow in McKinney, TX, call the roofers at R & J Contractors at (214) 504-2684 today.

Are You Having Overflowing Gutters During Heavy Rainfall?

Heavy Rainfall Can Cause Gutter Overflow and Result in Your Home Flooding

Gutters are found on all roof systems, as they are vital in helping to direct direct rainfall off the roof. Sloped roofs more often seen on residential homes pour the water right into the gutters to be flushed out, but flat roofs don’t have that option. Unless water falls directly into the gutters and there is enough of it to create a moving stream, water will just sit there until it builds up. This will clog your gutters, rusting them and resulting in leaks in your gutter system and roof, requiring you to get roof or gutter repair. Eventually, this will result in overflowing gutters.

Can Clogged Gutters Cause Basement Flooding?

At the bottom of your gutter system is an exit tube called a downspout. This releases the water that travels down the gutters onto the ground. If a severe rainstorm is happening, the rain already falling on the ground, plus continuous release of water near the downspout can result in flooding in lower levels of a home like the basement. The water will seep into your home’s foundation, until enough builds and you have a layer of water on your floor.

Call Us For Gutter Repair or Cleaning Today

There are preventative gutter installation services available that can help prevent rain and gutter overflow and from your clogged gutters causing your basement to flood. Rain guards that are raised gutters prevent water from splashing over the roof. You can move your downspout or point it in a different direction. Cleaning or replacing gutters can also help. To prevent gutter overflow, get gutter repair in McKinney, TX by R & J Contractors. Call us at (214) 504-2684.

Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

If the Materials on Your Roof Tend to Go Missing, You Need a New Shingle Roof.

Asphalt shingles represent the most frequently employed roofing material in the country. Home and business owners alike appreciate the material’s unique combination of affordability and attractiveness. As far as lifespan’s go, different types of asphalt shingles have varied levels of longevity. However, even the cheapest, 3 tab shingles provide a respectable 20 years of service with proper maintenance. Regardless, all asphalt shingles roofs will eventually need replacement. To know if this time has come for yours, look for the following signs.

Missing and Damaged Shingles

If your roof loses shingles every time a windstorm blows through, then it has likely aged beyond the point of serviceability. It’s natural for a roof to lose a few shingles to a powerful storm; however, when this becomes a frequent occurrence, it means that your roof is either faulty or old. The same applies for damaged shingles. If a hailstorm has left comprehensive damage around your roof, you’re better off replacing the whole thing.

Granule Loss

The loss of roofing granules also signifies a roof on its last legs. The small roofing granules that adorn your roof protect the shingles from sun deterioration and impacts. In their absence, shingles will quickly dry out, curl, and leave your roof broadly susceptible to leaks. The next time you clean your gutters, check for granules. If you find an abundance, call a trusted roofer for an inspection.

Old Age

Old age represents the most common reason for a new shingle roof. As stated above, a well-maintained shingle roof will last for approximately 20 years. If this time has approached or passed for your roof, schedule an inspection with our team. Even if your roof appears just fine, hidden damage and wind stress can leave it on the verge of failure.

If you need a new shingle roof in McKinney, TX, give the team at R & J Contractors a call today at (214) 504-2684. We are your local, expert solution for all residential and commercial roofing matters.